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Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen

Der Greif
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Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen (b. 1994) is an autodidact photographer and film director born in Odense, Denmark. Ebbesen is interested in the intersection between science and art. Formally educated as a medical doctor, her artworks are small science experiments on how the human body, psyche, and world in general can be visualized and interpreted, depending on the mind and eyes of the beholder. 

Ebbesen works with reflections to create surreal effects in her work: "In my work, I aim to play with the sense of reality that we relate to the photograph by distorting the objects and space within the picture frame. With these effects, I aim to surprise and confuse and leave one with the question of what is real." Conceptually her works often deal with identity and the subconscious self affected by and interrelated with the surrounding world.