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Giaime Meloni

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Giaime Meloni is a visual researcher with a PhD in Architecture, currently living between two islands: Île-de-⁠France and Sardinia. The aim of his work is to explore the role of the photography as a sensible instrument⁠ to narrate the space complexity. ⁠His researches has been published in various publications (MAM Saint Etienne, INTRU). In 2017, he was shortlisted for⁠ Premio Graziadei with his long-term project Das Unheimiliche. He teaches photography as an instrument of the making of the architectural design between France and Italy.⁠

My practice is conceived as an act capable of questioning the nature of places.

The images provide a tangible proof of my presence in the territory, in a certain way they documented it. However I would like to take distance compared to the documentation – and strictly documentary photography – in order to provide a more universal reflection on our relationship with the space.

The photographic action that I develop aims to questioning the restitution of ordinary space in search of a visual and spatial connection with the subject. The specific interest of this practice is to investigate, by theory and practice, the photographic instantaneity and the message that it carries.

The paradox of  images is that they pretends to reproduce things which are only themselves. But this is only an illusion, a conviction that is a part of the magic contemplation. In fact, during the act of photographing, I realize that things denying their existence by the image.

What it remains frozen into the fragments is the (artificial) reflection of reality as an intention of my gaze.

Every photos prove that there is an implicit message exceeding the limits of the image itself. I accept that the message of the images can be corrupted / destroyed at any time by the viewer / reader.