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Arian Christiaens

FOMU Fotomuseum
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Arian Christiaens (°1981) has been working as a photographer, artist and photography teacher since graduating as a Master at KASK (Ghent, Belgium) in 2004 and participated in masterclasses with Max Pinckers, Paul Kooiker, Laura El Tentawy and Vincent Delbrouck from 2017 onwards.

Her work is centered around investigations of her family relations and the constructed nature of their identities.

In 2019 Christiaens published her first artist book ‘Xenia’ through APE (Art Paper Editions) in which portraits of her sister, who used to be her brother, float between documentary and fiction. The publication was shortlisted for the Arles Photobook Award.

Her most recent work ‘In Camera’, is the result of Christiaens comparing her own relationship, her own person and her own intimate photographical archive with the one of her mother. She questions the relation between man and woman, photographer and model, over time and within her own family history.

‘In Camera’ will be on show in FOMU (Fotomuseum Anwerpen) this summer as part of the exhibition ‘TIFF Emerging Belgian Photography’ and will be published as an artist book in 2022.