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Andrii Dostliev & Lia Dostlieva

The Calvert Journal
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Andrii Dostliev and Lia Dostlieva are both from Ukraine and have been working together in some artistic projects, such as the ongoing 'Licking War Wounds'.⁠ They were selected for Futures by The Calvert Journal.

Andrii studied at the School of Form (Poland) and the Donetsk National Technical University (Ukraine). His work has been exhibited in different countries, such as Ukraine, Germany and the UK. Last year, he was awarded at the II Biennale of Young Art, in Kharkiv.⁠

Lia is an artist, cultural anthropologist and essayist. Her primary areas of my research include the issues of trauma, postmemory, commemorative practices, and agency and visibility of vulnerable groups. As an artist, she works across a wide range of media including photography, installations, textile sculptures, interventions into urban space, etc. since 2012.⁠