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RESET: Questioning the Image, the Market, and the Role of Representation

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192 pages
Hardcover, 20x27 cm
ISBN: 978-9-09-034110-1

Prompted by the sudden junctures the arts and liberal societies found themselves at in 2020, Futures Photography presents RESET: Questioning the Image, the Market and the Role of Representation. Developed with a critical attitude, it necessarily pushes past the dimensions of a yearly round-up or catalogue – to engage in debate on our splintered representations of reality and their revealing architectures of influence.

The exponential rise of non-human photography; our ambivalent – yet subversive – relationship with memes, emojis and digital communication at large; and how the forces of representation continue to shape our racial condition are just some of the topics explored by a host of cross-disciplinary contributors. Including Mariama Attah, Joanna Zylinska, Geert Lovink, Sandrine Colard, Olav Velthuis, Lewis Bush, Rafal Milach, Ola Lanko, Salvatore Vitale and more.

The structure of RESET – in a play on the world turned upside-down – is developed in two parts that must be flipped to read. One side takes a step towards analysing how photography plays into our collective situation; housing essays, visual interventions and discussions that took place during Futures Digital Festival 2020. While the reverse proudly features the work of 57 image-based artists and collectives, annually nominated by Futures’ network of institutions across Europe for their exceptional practice and the urgent stories they tell.


Salvatore Vitale 
Saba Askary


Aisling Murray 
Alexey Shlyk
Ana Zibelnik
Dávid Biró
Ela Polkowska
Eva O’leary
Garry Loughlin
Geert Lovink
George King
Joanna Zylinska
Julie Poly
Julia Gelezova
Karolina Wojtas
Kevin Osepa
Leonard Pongo
Lewis Bush
Liza Premiyak
Mariama Attah
Marina Paulenka
Ola Lanko
Olav Velthuis
RafaŁ Milach
Salvatore Vitale
Sandrine Colard
Sanne de Wilde
Sasha Chaika
Sybren Vanoverberghe
Tanya Kapitanova


Dominiek Kampman (Vandejong)


Futures Photography, Vandejong

Featured artists:

Agnieszka Sejud
Alina Maria Frieske
Alin Barbir
Ana Zibelnik
András Ladocsi
Andrii Dostliev
Arne Piepke
Balázs Máté 
Becks Butler
Bernardita Morello 
Brave Boy Studio
Camilla Ferrari
Camillo Pasquarelli
Clémence Elman 
Daniel Szalai
David Arribas 
David Denil
Dorottya Vékony
Ela Polkowska
Etienne Courtois
Florine Thiebaud 
Garry Loughlin
George Stamenov
Giovanna Petrocchi
Hanna Jarzabek 
Ire Lenes
István Bielik Jon Gorospe
Kacper Szalecki 
Kata Geibl
Katherine Longly
Laure Cottin Stefanelli 
Lia Dostlieva
Lukas Kreibig
Manuela Braunmüller 
Mar Sáez 
Marco Schiavone
Marina Caneve
Mark McGuinness
Marta Bogdańska
Masha Svyatogor 
Maximilian Mann
Michael Swann
Olga Shurygina
Paulina Metzscher
Pierre Vanneste
Renée Loir 
Ruth Montiel Arias
Sasha Chaika
Sebastian Steveniers 
Shia Conlon
Sina Niemeyer
Sybren Vanoverberghe
Vassilis Triantis 
Vera Ryklova
Wiktoria Synak