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UNFOLDING FUTURES - Opening and Open Studio Alia Leonardi

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
August 15, 2024
August 15, 2024
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Alia Leonardi, Theory of the Young Girl

This project is an exploration of gender performativity on TikTok while focusing on the online identity and aesthetic of the “coquette/silly girls” as a resistance strategy against gender norms and societal expectations. It analyses the interplay of semantics and imagery on the platform, highlighting memes, and social media's transformative power in shaping contemporary gender expression. Despite TikTok's capitalistic nature, there is potential for feminist discourses and resistance to organise on such platforms against patriarchal structures. What if endless doomscrolling was an act of resistance? Drawing from the “Theory of the Young Girl" by Tiqqun, cyberfeminism, and postmodernist frameworks are used to reappropriate an identity constructed for consumerist culture but also the male gaze. The girl of TikTok acts as a subversive figure, with the idea that if the space exists, it should be taken over or transformed. In this subversive exploration, I employ stereotypically feminine craft techniques like embroidery and textiles to emphasize the engagement of the work. The project manifests as a network of objects, visuals, and texts, all interwoven to reflect the interconnected reality of the girl’s online existence and its impact on the physical world.

Opening and Open Studio Alia Leonardi

FUTURES Hub, Isaac Titsinghkade 6, 1018 LL Amsterdam

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