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Tbilisi Photo Festival 2021: When Icarus fell, it was spring

Tbilisi, Georgia
October 27, 2021
November 27, 2021
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Giulia Parlato's project DIACHRONICLES is one of the Futures artists screened in the show

“When Icarus fell, it was spring” is the main event of the 12th edition of the Tbilisi Photo Festival. The exhibition combines the works of 77 American, European, and Georgian photographers into a nine-screen video installation. The event will be hosted by the Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum from October 27th to November 27th.

Futures is one of the sponsors of the show. Among these 77 artists, there a selection of Futures artists: Younes Mohammad, Kamel Moussa, Eleni Onasoglou, Bebe Blanco Agterberg, Giulia Parlato, Romain Bagnard, Eniko Hosody, Celine Croze, Arguiñe Escandón (& Yann Gross) and Julie Glassberg.

When Icarus fell, it was spring
Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum
M. Kostava str. 14, Satamba hotel, D block., Tbilisi, Georgia
Monday-Friday 13.00-18.30
Free entrance.
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