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Opening "GOO" By Alexey Shlyk

February 2, 2024
February 2, 2024
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At the Futures Hub, Alexey Shlyk will present his ongoing research, 'Space Topologies,' alongside the premiere of his latest installation, "GOO" (2023-2024).

In the aftermath of the rigged elections in Belarus in 2020 and the ongoing war in Ukraine, Alexey found himself consumed by the news, particularly through the lens of pro-governmental media in Belarus and Russia. The ceaseless stream of hatred, disinformation, and falsehoods infiltrated his personal space, transforming his daily routine into a habit of relentless doomscrolling. Overwhelmed by the stark simplicity and brutality of propaganda methods, Alexey discovered himself immersed in a viscous space of lies, political slogans, and manipulated visuals.

GOO (2023-2024) stands as Alexey's visceral response to the world of propaganda and its profound impact on private life.

Opening: 02 February, 2024

Time: 17.00 - 21.00

Location: Isaac Titsinghkade 6B, 1018 CA, Amsterdam

Alexey Shlyk is a visual artist based in Antwerp, Belgium. He graduated with an MA in Mathematics in 2008 from Belarus State University, an MA in Photography in 2018 from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, and an MA in Research in Art and Design in 2019 from Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.

In his creative work, Shlyk explores personal and political subjects, memory, technology, and ingenuity. Through large-scale photographic installations, he investigates the relationship between image and space, employing photography, video, and sound.

In 2017, Shlyk was the winner of ArtContest in Belgium, received the LensCulture Emerging Talents Award, was a laureate of Carte Blanche Paris Photo, and was shortlisted for Prix Levallois. In 2018, he won the Prijs Roger De Conynck in Belgium and a Public Prize at the ING Unseen Talent Award. In 2020, together with Ben Van den Berghe, he received COVID-19 work grant from FOMU Antwerp and SOFAM grant in 2022.

He has had solo exhibitions in Belgium, Norway, China, Belarus, and Russia, and has participated in numerous group shows and photo festivals in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Greece, Spain, Germany, France, Cambodia, among others. His work has been published in the British Journal of Photography, GEO Germany, De Standaard, Corriere della Sera, Néon France, Fisheye, and Artpress.