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FUTURES Meet-up at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2023

Copenhagen, Denmark
June 1, 2023
June 2, 2023
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Alice Pallot

This year's Copenhagen Photo Festival will take place from June 1st to 11th, 2023, with the theme of Rewilding.

As a part of the festival, FUTURES meet-up will be held during the first two days of the event, June 1 and 2, 2023. It is a unique opportunity to participate in lectures, screenings, panel discussions, portfolio reviews, and other activities related to contemporary photography. Don't miss the chance to connect with artists and learn from experts in the field!

We are thrilled to announce that the exhibition On the Verge will also be featured at the Copenhagen Photo Festival from June 1 to June 11, 2023!

The projects featured by Cian Burke (Ireland, 1978), Mark Duffy (Ireland, 1981), Pauline Hisbacq (France, 1980), Julia Klewaniec (Poland, 1996), Alice Pallot (France, 1995), Daniel Szalai (Hungary, 1991) and Ugo Woatzi (France, 1991) tell personal and collective stories concerning conflicts, struggles for gender equality, food and ecological sustainability, and the rise of populism and nationalism throughout Europe. Their works also represent the most innovative and relevant experiences in the current European photographic landscape, both in terms of aesthetics and photographic languages. The exhibition is curated by Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen (Copenhagen Photo Festival), Giangavino Pazzola (CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia) and Marta Szymańska (FotoFestiwal).

FUTURES meet-up will take place at a double tipi in the middle of Copenhagen rewilded exhibition park in a post-industrial shipyard district. The event will be part of the 11-day festival, which includes exhibitions, workshops, talks, photobook markets, and more.The two-day FUTURES 2023 programme aims to inspire and explore while giving space for networking across national and cultural borders and across professional circles and industries within culture.

Below you will find FUTURES meet-up program:


9:30: Welcome and registration

10-12: Portfolio sessions

Portfolio reviews for Futures talents + students from the Nordic Schools and the selected solo artists of 2023.

12-1 pm: Lunch in small groups

1 pm-4 pm: A sustainable art’s practice – moderated by Imagine 5

The challenges of a sustainable practice, explored from artist, institutional, and event perspective

1-2:15 pm:Part one

Panel discussion about the challenges of a sustainable art practice. Keywords: climate aesthetics, climate activism and sustainable practices.

Artists in the panel: Futures artist Alice Pallot (FR), CPF solo artist Daniel Hinks (CH/UK) and artist Yana Weinicke (DE)


2:30-4 pm: Part two

Round table discussions with an expert at each table with the aim of creating 5-10 useful dogmas based on games about the 17 UN Goals. Presentation of the results from the round Table

4-7 pm: Official opening of Copenhagen Photo Festival – open for everyone

● 4-5 pm: Happy hour, music (16.45-17.00 speech)

● 5 - 5.20 pm: Performance and pop-up exhibition: Rewilding Women – A performance around the wilderness of the festival centre by Womankind

● 5.30-6.30 pm: Guided tours around the exhibitions (the tours will last max. 30 minutes)

– Guided tour with the artists Alice Pallot (FR) and Daniel Szalai (HU) in their exhibitions with co-curator Marta Szymanska (PL) from Fotofestiwal, Lodz

– Guided tour with the artists Ugo Woatzi (FR) and Pauline Hisbacq (FR) in their exhibitions with co-curator Giangavino Pazzola (IT) from Camera – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia, Turin

– Guided tour with the artists Julia Klewaniec (PL), Cian Burke (IR/SE) and Mark Duffy (GB) with Jõao Linneu (BR/ICE)/VOID Photography Books

– Guided tour with CPF solo artists Daniel Hinks (UK/CH), Kristina Knipe (US), Craig Ames (GB), Hilla Kurki (FI) and Erik Berglin (SE) with CPF curator Lise de Ganck

● 6.15 pm: Vernissage of the Womankind popup-exhibition

7 pm: Networking dinner at Øens Have for all participating artists, speakers and invited Partners

9 pm: Art Bar at Nikolaj Kunsthal in collaboration with Art Week (not mandatory)


9.30 am: Welcome and registration

10 am-1 pm: Art in public Space

Is the future of art to be more public – is it more sustainable, more democratic? Possibilities and Challenges.

10-11:30 am: Part one

Panel discussion about art in public space. Key words: strengths and weaknesses of public space, how to enter the public sphere, funding, visibility, a scene for new partnerships?

Artists in the panel: CPF solo artists Erik Berglin (SE), Hilla Kurki (FI) and Kristina Knipe (US).


11:45-1pm:Part two.

Project pitching Group sessions where project ideas are pitched/discussed with the group's expert

1-2 pm: Lunch break

2-3:30 pm: Panel discussion about future aspects:

Artificial intelligence, utopias and science

Artists in the panel: CPF solo artist Craig Ames (UK), Futures 2023 talent Susanne Fagerlund (SE) and Futures artist Daniel Szalai (HU).

3:30 pm: Wrap up and goodbye

Join us at the Copenhagen Photo Festival to experience the FUTURES meet-up and the On the Verge exhibition!

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