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Launch of Futures platform

Cluj Napoca, Romania
March 27, 2020
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After that, I had this idea to go to other defence fairs to show this global aspect of the arms trade, even though I had no idea how to fund all the travel costs. After travelling to South Korea for the next fair, I was lucky enough to win the German VG BildKunst Grant in 2018 and PHMuseum Grant 2019. So now, after 14 fairs on five continents, it feels pretty ordinary for me to walk around observing what’s happening.

We invite you to the launch of the Futures platform and project, on May 19 at 7.30 PM, at Wincon Gallery, on Dragalina 93 Street, Cluj Napoca. On May the 19th, we will host the exhibition about Pripyat, a place in Cernobil that drew the attention of one of our emerging artists, Cristian Lipovan, who developed a project called Places Suffering (