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Futures: Evolutions and Contemporary Experiments in Photobooks

Turim, Italy
May 11, 2018
May 11, 2018
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First appointment of the European FUTURES program for the promotion and support of emerging authors and realities in the photographic field. Appointment to CAMERA with the conference on the theme of the photo book and its contemporary evolutions entitled "Futures: evolutions and contemporary experiments of the photo book" where the formal, conceptual and strategic aspects will be investigated through testimonies and projections of realized projects.

To tell their experience will be BlisterZine (Milan), Rorhof (Bolzano), Skinnerboox (Jesi), Yard Press (Rome), Witty Kiwi (Turin), publishing companies operating in the artistic field with particular attention to the innovation of the photographic language , visual culture and cultural production through experiments and radical changes in the format of the photo book.

During the meeting will be announced the artists selected for exhibitions and activities related to FUTURES 2018, and one of them will dialogue with publishers on projects developed through the use of the book format.

During the meeting, an exhibition of books by the publishing houses invited to the talk will be set up in the Gymnasium hall.