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Futures Digital Festival

October 5, 2020
October 31, 2020
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In October, we invite you to join our talents online with the Futures Digital Festival: RESET. Every year, our platform organizes a main event with our artists and members. For 2020, this will take the form of a virtual festival with talks, exhibitions and other online activities.

So far, 2020 has presented many challenges and will likely be remembered as one of the most tumultuous years in modernity. But how will this year shift the way we produce and experience art? How are the artists dealing with this time of change?

Co-funded by Creative Europe and designed by Vandejong Creative Agency, the Futures Digital Festival brings together our 12 members and all the artists who have joined our platform since 2018. ⁠Under the theme RESET, the programme focuses on discussing these changes we are facing nowadays and how art is responding to them.

From the 5th to the 31st of October, the festival unfolds into five main programmes: The Expos, The Assembly, The Conversations, The Open Mic, and The Studio Visit.

For The Expos, we present our talents in two online exhibitions. Powered by Fotomat and curated by Salvatore Vitale, the expo RESET investigates our main theme with the projects by seven artists from our platform: Julie Poly, Ela Polkowska, Eva O'Leary, Garry Loughlin, Sanne De Wilde, Dávid Biró, and Ana Zibelnik.

The programme of expos also presents the showcase Futures Talents 2020, which introduces our 59 emerging artists of this year. The online show has been curated by trying to answer the question ‘What are emerging artists in Europe talking about today?’. Identities, territories, spirituality, physicality and memory are some of the topics that have arisen from the talents' works.

During The Assembly, our Futures members organize a series of talks with art professionals in topics related to the main theme RESET. The assemblies take place online, via Zoom and streamed on our social media channels. The full programme of talks will be released in the upcoming weeks.

The Conversations is a private event in which we invite a group of professionals and our talents for a series of portfolio review and coaching sessions.

The Open Mic is also a private activity, when our talents can present their ongoing projects in an online space with artists and other professionals from the industry.

Finally, The Studio Visit programme is an online activity organized by Futures and curated by Marina Paulenka. Once a week, the curator presents a virtual online tour of our talents' studios, talking about their inspirations, creative process, and ongoing projects. This activity is mainly exclusive to VIPs and guests.