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Futures at .tiff 2021

Antwerp, Belgium
June 25, 2021
September 12, 2021
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Bandar Abbas, from the series Paradise City, 2018, by Sébastien Cuvelier

Every year FOMU selects ten promising phototographers, all living or working in Belgium. In addition to a variety of networking opportunities, FOMU will accompany them on a development journey to create the portfolio magazine .tiff, culminating in a group exhibition. Now you can visit this show until 12 September, 2021, at FOMU Antwerp.

The exhibition .tiff 2021 presents the work of: Aurélie Bayad, Sébastien Cuvelier, Michiel De Cleene, Youqine Lefèvre, Lucas Leffler, Kamel Moussa, Joud Toamah, Josephina van de Water, Erien Withouck and Ugo Woatzi.

Like ‘Belgian photography’, .tiff has many angles. It gives a flavour of the diversity and energy in Belgium’s photography landscape. Using .tiff, FOMU offers emerging talent a platform to reach a wider audience and network.

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