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Finissage "Dear Moment, I Keep U for Later" Exhibition by Nicolas Polli

October 20, 2023
October 20, 2023
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Friday Finissage!

Exhibition "Dear Moment, I Keep U for Later" by Nicolas Polli.

We are excited to invite you to the finissage of Swiss artist Nicolas Polli's exhibition 'Dear Moment, I Keep U for Later' on October 20th. From September 22nd to October 20th, 2023, you have witnessed the evolution of his exhibition.

On October 20, you will have a chance to see the final result!

Finissage | Dear Moment, I Keep U for Later Exhibition by Nicolas Polli

Date: 20 October, 2023

Time: 16:00 PM - 18:00 PM

Location: Isaac Titsinghkade 6B, Amsterdam

We look forward to seeing you there!