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31 days of .tiff

Antwerp, Belgium
June 29, 2018
June 29, 2018
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Belgium is bursting with photographic talent. Every day the FOMU is overwhelmed with portfolios, websites, blogs and photo books that are looking for a wider audience. To accommodate this young talent, the .tiff platform was established. This summer we put 10 photographers in the spotlight: Alexey Shlyk, Arnaud De Wolf, Calixte Poncelet, Jeroen Bocken, Maria Baoli, Massao Mascaro, Pauline Beugnies, Pauline Niks, Sine by Menxel and Thomas Nolf.

This presentation is part of Futures, a European collaboration that highlights young photographic talent. The FOMU is one of the founders of Futures. Together with nine other European initiators, we create a network of artists, experts and resources to push the boundaries of the European photography world. In September, all selected artists will exhibit their work at UNSEEN Amsterdam.