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Yonoo Yokkute

Pierre Vanneste

"Yonoo Yokkute" (the way to emergence in Wolof) is a documentary project conducted since 2017, in Senegal in the communes of Bargny and Sendou.

Located 35 km from the capital Dakar, the inhabitants of these two communes live mainly from fishing, agriculture and animal farming. But since several years, their living space has been the subject of an urban redevelopment whose vocation is to contribute to the opening up of the capital and the emergence of the country. Paradoxically, the inhabitants see their local economy and social organisation undermined by the metamorphosis of their municipalities into industrial zones and the environmental consequences of global warming.

Geographically landlocked by coastal erosion, the installation of a cement factory in 1948; the construction of a coal-fired power station in 2008; the arrival of an urban development pole for the upper classes of Dakar and foreign investors under construction since 2014, and the construction of a mineral and bulk carrier port since the end of 2017, the Lebous villages of Bargny and Sendou seem to become the vast construction site of worlds that are dying.

This series looks at our relationship to the world and our environment. It translates into images the voices of men and women drowned in the fog of their past and future uncertainties, frozen in the face of the inconsistencies of our society.

"Yonoo Yokkute" is a photo report in progress from the web documentary "Bargny, the real face of economic emergence", co-directed with the journalist Laurence Grun.

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