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Walk in Synchronicity

Walk in Synchronicity – provoking and discovering coincidences that, seemingly insignificant, become revelations. With a bit of luck, photography can recall them as echoes of moments experienced. Walking around and constantly returning to the same energetic and private places is a sign that the Universe is playing with us.

The question remains: who is a creator? Is the creator the designer of memories who arranges important, intense and authentic situations on the grid of his or her own beliefs? Or perhaps the creator is a flâneur? With these questions in mind, I walked around Polesie – the district of Łódź where I live. Its name in Polish comes from merging the words “after” and “forest”. Here, nature, the urban fabric, people – everything blends differently, more gently. Memories overlap and resonate... In this place, I can see the fusion of the old and the new, I record images and traces. Perhaps I am just a child here, looking for the perfect stick to play with?

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