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To breath throughout colors

How does a person who is allergic to dust or pollen feel when they can’t go outside and enjoy nature because of their medical condition? How do people with allergies control them, and manage to live normal lives? How do parents cope with seeing their children in pain caused by allergies? And how does a mother feel when her child is diagnosed with asthma? Fury, anger, helplessness, anxiety – and, at some point, peace. How would you feel if you were diagnosed with an allergy to something you really love? Every year, millions of people around the world end up in emergency rooms with severe breathing difficulties due to asthma attacks. The most common chronic disease in childhood, asthma not only affects the physical and emotional health of children, but also adults. The images in this project illustrate different types of allergies, as well as the symptoms that sufferers of these medical conditions may experience. Anxiety, shortness of breath and sadness are just some of the things that both children and adults with allergies feel.

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