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The many wives of Mr. Lippka

Sina Niemeyer

In her project The many wives of Mr. Lippka, Sina Niemeyer gives a differentiated insight view on the highly stigmatized centuries-old business of mail-order brides. Based on a find of a garden house with letters from Filippinas willing to marry to a Berlin bachelor in the 1980s, she sets out on a search; for the authors and the recipient, for love and for truths in these alliances, which at first seem to be based solely on mutual exploitation.

She takes part in a singles tour and social events, sleeps in the same hotels as the men, conducts interviews and travels around the country. In doing so, she questions the capitalist romanticised idea of marriage, the predominant image of women and the neo-colonialist structures that make these transnational relationships possible in the first place.

Through the skillful interweaving of old and new, she draws a holistic picture - while some men objectify women to the extreme, others seem naive or were even urged by their parents to finally find a wife.

In addition to photographs, Sina Niemeyer works with video interviews, old archive pictures, documents and objects such as dried flowers.

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