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With Supervision Irene Fenara presents a selection of images from surveillance cameras, and saved by the continuous flow that erases them every 24 hours, underlining the contrast between a highly functional activity and an equally powerful aesthetic. The aesthetics of surveillance, supervision and control are realized thanks to devices that frame the amplified vision. In this imagery, seductive and dystopian at the same time, forms of plant or animal life interact with the machine. The visions, like oxymorons frozen in photographs of warm and acid colors, introduce into a space, apparently without human beings, where the development of technology is related to the growth of its potential through the web. The relationship between observer and observed is marked by the entry into a world of post-privacy through the use and dissemination of protected data, extrapolated from the context of origin. The sharing of protected data, extracted through a hack, in a space where many observe few, makes the user involved, and therefore complicit, in a process of normalization of surveillance.

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