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Obedient touch

In times when knowledge and services are compressed into ready-to-use packages, we slowly turn into ready-to-make subjects ourselves. Functions of a touch-sensitive ruler of time-space are carried out by the first and second fingers of a human hand. It transfers biometric data from the body to the cloud, founding a collection of data for tomorrows politics.

How to experience this obedient touch and how does our existence change depending on whether we accept the terms and conditions or not? There is no middle way. Touch ID-agree. Using large-format analogue media, the artist focuses on the physical transfer of her biometric data to analogue photo paper. Repeating the everyday swiping of fingers over digital devices, photographically dark space is created, in which unique contours of lines and swirling patterns are illuminated.

However, this space-time journey is observed by satellites of various intentions, whose selfish interests are to create the illusion that the choice is in human hands. Don't think, give me your finger! Watch, tap, watch, tap, watch, tap. Look! Click here, here, here, here, here! I know you like it!

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