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The representation of the male nude figure still reveals taboos. It is not easy to get used to the changing principals of gaze; not just looking at, but being looked at. This principal is embedded in centuries old traditions of them being the one who cast their gaze and women being the one who looked at. I spent more then a decade in a male community, as the only woman who was intimately close to them. This gave me time to observe the similarities and differences of behaviour and intimacy compared to female communities. The issues I was focusing on were their physical closeness, their taboo less openness, and their natural curiosity. Through these subject areas I reinterpreted and created a male community. The participating man did not know each other or me; therefore they were forced to create a community in my “artificially” created environment through my system of rules they played. I created situations in the “model farm”, in which the expressions of love and aggression, also modes of shyness and the intimacy of being together could come to surface.

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