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Let’s build this virus

The family world, enclosed in four walls, in such a special situation as a pandemic, is a beautiful and at the same time a very delicate space. Difficult emotions, important conversations, quarrels and crying, but also great, disarming love, tenderness and mutual care. We built castles, looked at the planets and took care of our senses. Normally, as in regular life, but with more attention and calm... and for this attention and calm I am grateful, and paradoxically I am glad that this sick situation has occurred in our life.

I had to take these photos. I felt that I had to remember this and keep it inside myself, I also felt that as an artist I should react to this exceptional situation somehow. So I showed my home as it was then, what it became! The diary I made during the first lockdown is also a part of this pandemic project:

The diary presents my memories of the pandemic. It is an attempt to visualize my conversations with children, everyday phone calls with my mother, my thoughts and the personal space of our family. Ultimately, the journal turned out to be a psychological therapy that I needed very much at that time

The title of the series cites the words of my son. An attempt to familiarize children with the subject of the virus triggered Dionizy's desire to build a virus from Lego bricks.

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