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Let this dead photograph remind you of me alive (Bitwa)

The project Let this dead photograph remind you of me alive deals with the reenactment stagings in Poland. Its focus is on the historical reconstruction of World War II with the reenactment of the most important battles between 1939-1945 on the Polish territories. In this examination of World War II as a Polish national trauma, the structures of Polish war memory are in the foreground. The approach of the project consists of taking analog black-and-white photographs, which will be post-colored in the next step. With this, on the one hand, the desired experience of "bringing back to life" the old black-and-white war photographs gets fulfilled. At the same time, on the basis of the colorization work, patterns of war memory are read. The approach of coloring the reenactment photos thus brings the mediality of photography into focus in order to reveal the complexity of Polish war memory.

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