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La Fin des Voyages (End of Travels)

La Fin des Voyages is a series that questions the notions of exoticism and travel, as well as their representation in photography.

I come back to my family garden and the bourgeois environment in which I grew up, in the south-west of France. I take, as a starting point, the relationship maintained by my family members with Elsewhere, references to the history of Western art and memories of childhood immortalized in the family photographic archives.

In the form of a documentary-fiction, the staged photos question, in a broader way, the complex representations of this exotic and erotic Elsewhere, in which the issues of cultural reappropriation and domination are underlying, notably through the accessories, patterns, colors and poses used.

This series is concomitant with my thesis completed this year on «The Jungle. Construction, representation and existence of a territory of dominations«, a theoretical and visual research on exoticism issue.

It is with a certain kindness and a certain humor that I choose to stage my relatives in this photographic work which also deals with the family and the relationships that I maintain with the mine.

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