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Kruszywo (Debris)

The space of "the second nature", understood as something naturally transformed to such extend soas to create a new ecosystem, became for her a starting point to create a photographic cycle called Kruszywo (Debris). This project presents the phenomenon of the constant transformation of the earth. She observes this process at numerous stages, not only from the perspective of the people, but also from the perspective of objects, as well as the one of nature itself, nature withdrawing from industrialisation or ousting the industry. While working on Kruszywo/ Debris, the artist visited almost 20 former localities, places where there used to be villages and towns that had disappeared as a result of industrial transformations and the degradation of the environment. The title of this project refers to the material which is excavated in many of these places, crumbled rock, visual binder between various spaces and stories strongly unified by the transformation. Within the frame work of the Kruszywo/Debris she also includes a parallel archival narration using the documents of the social life, private photos, library materials. The material obtained from this process inscribes, on the one hand, in the photographic tradition of critical topography tracking visual influence that people have on the landscape, and, on the other hand, it places itself somewhere in the space of a subjective document reaching for an image and experience of common people, together with their micro history and their memory activated by the archival set of images.

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