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Humanoteka is a specific manifestation of sharing economy as well as a model thereof disguised as an art project. It is a service where the goal is to share knowledge accumulated through learning or experience. What if we (the person on loan) could pursue our favourite leisure activity while freely and democratically sharing our knowledge? A pleasant and informal atmosphere is created for the borrower, too, since in return for the knowledge and free time of the person on loan we may take them to their favourite café, walk their dog, cook something for them, or might as well celebrate the birth of a new, burgeoning intellectual bond by husking beans together. The point of the service is, therefore, to fill the void between acts of kindness and pay services with a personal, democratic and practical use of knowledge.Furthermore, the service may assist in getting familiar with disciplines, life stories and professions which are not included in our social network. The system is based on confidentiality and its unique and universal “unit of payment” is reaching mutual satisfaction. The service may be used for research, exchange of information, art projects and cooperation. The present catalogue of 2017 includes a selection of over 50 people.

Concept & Photo by Dorottya Vékony Graphics Design by Réka Neszmélyi

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