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Since 2007 I’ve obsessively photographed and filmed my loved ones and our live together. Himmelskörper is the name I gave to one chapter of what is my ongoing life project (titled Je reste avec vous). 

To be together without devouring each other

To be together and continually pay attention to one another 

To be together and exist individually without crushing the other 

To be together, capable of exposing our weaknesses without fear, to better understand and learn from each other 

To be together and to know that our freedom, however precarious, begins with that of all others. 

Perhaps in a world that without any more shame or decency, legitimizes hatred and its speech, vogues on the fear and the rejection of the other, the ultimate gesture of resistance is to violently scream our love at all costs , in all forms, stark naked. 

Text from Je reste avec vous written by Valerie Massadian. 

Himmelskörper is built with images taken in the last two and a half years, and since the whole family moved to Berlin, looking at how my children are changing and growing, how their lives unfold, fully, in our home space, reflecting the moment in which we live and what happens outside. 

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