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The photo-based installation Fertility displays the symbolic possibilities of women relating to each-other and to a community. The imagery is fragmented and rugged, where the emphasis is not on the personality but the subjects’ spatial position and interrelation. The individual bodies and shapes are so integral, that it is difficult to know whether they serve a protective, a disjunctive or a temporary purpose.

Besides personal aspects, the topicality of the subject comes from recent public discussions about reproductive rights in Hungarian media and politics. Thus, I have examined the expectations regarding female roles and the female body, its options for action, its status and representation.

The other half of the project consists of glass plate photographs about birth, delivery and fertility. The scenes are reconstructions of contemporary rites; ready mades and performances immersed in folk- and tribe rituals but always believing in the healing power of temporary communities.

The scenes tackle the impact of the desire for reproduction and societal pressure on the female psyche and body. The project further questions the active options for action of the female body, and how it can be represented in a changed social order, achieved on its own right.

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