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The Aegean sea was and still is a place of exile.

We know the epic of Ulysses who, while being prisoner of Calypso’s arms, dreams of his return to Ithaca.

In the 20th century, the sea became a prison for the communists exiled in Makronissos, Giaros and Agios Efstratios.

Nowadays, people fleeing their countries are also stuck at Europe's doors.

My journey started on the desolate island Agios Efstratios, where thousand of greek communists were deported after the establishment of the “Idionymo Law”.

Then, I traveled to Lesvos island where thousand of refugees are crammed in Moria jail, Kara Tepe and Pikpa camps.

The never ending waiting in revolting conditions is now their everyday life.

An identity unrest appears.

From the waiting comes the boredom.

Loss of bearings evolves with future uncertainty.

And whilst they fight to escape the horror, the horizon turns dark.

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