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Everyday Sculpture

In the project, Everyday Sculptures, I have been concerned for a long time with photographing objects, situations and details that are in public space and help to create the chaos and dynamism of the city. The areas that I have photographed face considerable poverty, which leads their inhabitants to make their own tools and equipment from the things that surround them. Recycling existing items is a matter of course for local communities. I perceive their creations as the result of present material need and, on the global scale, as testimony to the uncertain and volatile political and economic situation. These seemingly banal and fleeting objects and situations are artifacts reflecting creativity, ingenuity and a kind of sense for amateur DIY. I see random sculptures and installations created by human intervention as ‘ready-mades’ that are transformed from a purely functional object into a work of art. I address conflict between the new and the old. At present, we are in a period when everything worn and once used is thrown away and replaced with a new product. For me, these street elements represent traces of the clash of traditional habits with the ubiquitous globalization that has become the main engine of society.

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