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During four consecutive years, I met different sailors, on several fishing areas in the East Atlantic and Mediterranean. Through these encounters, testimonials and boardings on different types of boats, I wanted to draw a portrait of a universe, a world which, in my opinion, best depicts the relationship that Man has today with his environment.

DREMMWEL is a "documentary experience", a photographic project combining real and virtual which offers a poetic and critical view of fishing and the exploitation of fish species. It puts into perspective our modes of production and consumption; our relationship to the world and to living things.

With the doubling of the world's population since 1960 and changes in dietary behaviour, the amount of fish extracted from the oceans for human consumption has increased dramatically to reach more than 171 million tonnes in 2017. In order to supply the mass market, boats sail through different fishing areas depending on the products they are targeting. In its modern industrial version, fishing primarily targets the commercial species best valued on the international market, thus weakening certain layers of the food chain. While in Europe, they see the sea emptying, endangering their activity, in West Africa, this same scarcity of resources leads many fishermen to emigrate.

DREMMWEL is both a connected book with augmented content, published by Yellow Now Editions in partnership with Blinkl, and an exhibition project with augmented content.

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