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Donde Crecen Las Plantas Salvajes (Where Wild Plants Grow)

The Triangle of Silence is bounded by Ifach Cliff in Calpe, Alicante, the southwest point of Mallorca and Es Vedrá islet on Ibiza. It is a zone defined by its strange magnetism and a plethora of paranormal manifestations.

On 11 November 1979, an airplane from TAE airline with 109 passengers on board which had taken off from Palma de Mallorca made an emergency landing in Valencia after the crew claimed it had been approached by a UFO. That same night at the very same time, a resident of the valley near Sóller snapped a picture of a strange light in the sky over Puig de L’Ofre peak (whose negatives were requisitioned and censured by the police).

This event, known as the Manises UFO Incident, served as the point of departure for defining this area as the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of the Mediterranean.

Father Francisco Palau was a pioneer in 1854 in recounting the multiple apparitions he experienced during his long periods of seclusion in Es Vedrá and created a unique notebook with drawings and annotations of these phenomena, which still persist despite the passage of time.

Residents and fishermen cite strange light phenomena accompanied by enigmatic sounds on the shores. The many stories concur that in this area birds tend to get disorientated or cause interferences in ship and airplane navigation systems. Curiously Es Vedrá reserve, where the magnetism can be perceived more intensely, has a unique biodiversity which is still partly unexplored.

Living by this geographic location for many years, I have gradually created a sensory map by compiling extraordinary stories from the historical archives, rituals, myths and inhabitants of the region which are metaphorically documented in the project Where Strange Plants Grow.

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