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Featuring: Camille, artist Tramaine de Senna, performer Xenia Taniko

The departure point of this work was my niece, Camille, I photographed her from her late childhood until her early teens, in a moment of latency and metamorphosis. She has an androgynous name and has a certain violent and brutal way of being in the world, due to an eagerness and a whole sense of self which is typical of childhood.

Next to Camille’s photographs, other women are represented: the Centauresses. They would have the lower body of a horse and the upper body of a human. They are a representation of a playful femininity, hybrids between humans and animals, between humans and inorganic objects. Beyond a topic about identity, adolescence and its rites of passage, this work has a specific interest in intertwined metaphors, wild storytelling, raw fragments of erotic power, as a mean of focusing on the tactile and physical quality of photography.

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