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My main question was, while I was working on the series Blue, was how can I make the viewer feel distant from the reality. To reach this impression, I started to work with the technical tools of taking photographs with flash lights. Most of my pictures I took are night-life scenes with a basically strange milieu. The foregrounds of these photos became clearly and sharply lightened by flash, but the backgrounds stay almost fully in darkness,

The pictures are dealing with the theatrical sets, and nearly surrealistic atmospheres. As the shots are similar to movie stills, they can also be read as variant narrative lines with different interpretations.

The photographs have a typical (blue) cold tone, that reflects on the strangeness, the scenicallity and the artificality. The title of the series deals with the different meanings of the English 'blue' and the French 'bleu', which are parallel to the various readings of my work.

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