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Au bois du bac

Anaïs Boileau composes her images with scraps of paper, plants, canvas and salvaged materials. The whole creative process is conceived in the same place. Her studio is located in an old farmhouse where she composes and realize her photographs by using this place as a living space to create. She is interested in the raw object, for its materiality, its form; in the optics to divert it from its use. The object becomes a surface, multiplies under the effect of the sun. She uses the color as a revelation of light. The vivid shades create rhythm in the image. Some of the more pictorial images are created from photographed paintings where the physical matter of the paint and the grain of the paper contrast with the colored touches of digital paint. Together, these photographs form a body of images that stand on the blurred edge of reality and abstraction. The image surfaces are intertwined and various textures are created by the different production techniques. She works on her images intuitively, the images are composed and decomposed in effects of surfaces and layers. The shapes seem to move in a drunken rush of color. The long and marked shadows imply time, a precise moment like a summer memory. In an evocation of sensations, we feel the salt, the humidity and perhaps a little of the Mediterranean. And this sun, bright, burning, which underlines everything and circles it with black. A sun which was already at the very heart of her first series Plein Soleil.

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