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Ci.CLO is a platform for artistic research, production and intervention in the medium of photography that
establishes a transdisciplinary relationship with other artistic, environmental and social fields to critically address
the emergencies of our time. Our projects seek to contribute to socio-ecological regeneration through the arts,
supporting more sustainable practices of artistic production, testing transformative creative and training
processes, and stimulating dialogues with different territories and communities. Ci.CLO is part of an ecosystem
in constant self-analysis and mutation, supported by acyclical interconnection between moments of artistic
conception, creation and exhibition, as well as the dynamics that emerge from these relationships.
We collaborate with artists, curators, cultural agents, communities, municipalities and national and international
institutions to organize artistic residencies, implement educational programs, and produce exhibitions and
publications. Ci.CLO is responsible for the organization, production and curatorship of the Bienal Fotografia do
Porto - - , as well as the projects Sustentar - - and Vivificar -

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