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Gita Cooper-van Ingen

Der Greif
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Gita Cooper-van Ingen has developed an oeuvre primarily composed of still photography, film and moving image, (silkscreen) printmaking, publications, and installations. In her practice, Cooper-van Ingen (re-)engages with the notion of the personal being both political and poetical. Photography is the central framework through which she engages with. relationship between images, art making and history, as well as documentation. In her practice, the processes of editing, selecting image sequences, and revising these arrangements are her primary methods of working. Thus the photographic image is treated and understood as a fluid entity with possibility to heighten our consciousness. Incorporating autobiographical elements in her practice has opened up new questions on the complex, fluid nature of authorship and performance in relation to portraiture. Currently, Cooper-van Ingen is working with notions of modelling and casting as classically sculptural ones and applying these to the contentious rapport between subject and object in photography. Gita Cooper-van Ingen holds an undergraduate degree in Criticism, Communication, and Curation from Central Saint Martins, London and a postgraduate degree in Photography & Society from the Royal Academy of The Arts (KABK) in The Hague. She currently lives and works in The Netherlands.